Original Plumbing #12: The Party Issue

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Image of Original Plumbing #12: The Party Issue

Original Plumbing's Party issue was published in Fall 2013.

How does creating space on the dance floor of a dark club transfer to community? When -- if ever -- is the Party over? Ever wonder what your favorite go-go boys deepest, darkest secrets are?

These topics and sexy spreads of bartenders, legendary nightlife hosts, go-go boys, ex-nightlife producers, MC's and more are featured in the 12th installment of OP: The Party Issue.


Trent Brooks
D'hana Perry
Murray Hill
Beck Heiberg
OP Cupid with Topher
Mr. Transman
Husbands: Spencer + Kelly
Juliana Huxtable
Exclusive writing by Wu Tsang
Cover model: Berlin Reed/El Ozito

**As always, OP is sent to your home in a plain privacy envelope.