Original Plumbing #6: Schooled

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Image of Original Plumbing #6: Schooled

Original Plumbing's 6th issue was published in Winter 2011.
Conversations about education, school daze and a sexy school boy photo spread featuring archetypes The Nerd, The Jock (Billy Castro), The Band Geek (James Darling), The Stoner, The Metal-Head, The Teachers Pet and The Heart Throb.

Photo spreads and interviews with:

-Toronto baking student DENTO
-Teacher and comedian CAYES
-High school hero BENJI
-Artist spotlight with TWIZ RIMER

Featuring written words by:
-Berlin Reed
-Chris Vargas
-Wyatt Austin
-Wesly Heney
-James Douglas

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Image of Original Plumbing #6: Schooled