Original Plumbing #8: The Family Issue


Image of Original Plumbing #8: The Family Issue

Published in Fall 2011, the Family Issue isn't just for OP fans, but is also a personal resource for family members of trans children and trans parents looking for community. Some subjects touched on include: Chosen family, solo parenting (& dating) as trans men, being a supportive parent of a transgender teenager in the public school system, foster parenting, grieving the loss of a family member, trans male pregnancy and more.

Photo spreads and interviews with:

-THOMAS BEATIE: Beyond "The Pregnant Man"
-16 pages of portraits and interviews from the 10th annual PHILADELPHIA TRANS-HEALTH CONFERENCE
-WYATT & MAX: Two trans guy dads dish on solo parenting and the dating strike that lasted a year
-KY: NYC welder & cover model talks about the adoption process from personal experience
-YOUR MOM: OP Editors Amos Mac & Rocco Kayiatos shut up and give their mothers the floor

-Nick Krieger
-Sawyer DeVuyst
-Elliot Foxprince
-Nick Mwaluko
-Charlie Stephens
-Carole & Diana (The Moms of OP)

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